Sally Is Available for Consultations in Cooroy by appointment only at Life Enhancing Chiropractic
2 Opal Street, Cooroy

Professional Counselling

1 hour $85
Helping you to gain a better understanding about yourself and then have more ability to solve your personal problems while helping you explore and resolve issues that are interpersonal or personal in nature. The counsellor will focus on specific problems, helping you make changes in your life and fostering your wellbeing. Counsellors specialise in certain areas where their knowledge and methods are required. For example, grief and bereavement counselling, marital counselling or addiction counseling

Sand Play Therapy

1 hour $120
(Mobile service only 30 minutes from Pomona Qld or travel by negotiation)
Sand play is a holistic approach to counselling By using miniature objects that represent all aspects of life, the client will clearly display their inner world. It is a deep process which shows the client what underlies the current situation that they are presenting. Sand play allows a movement within the client that is profound. It identifies unspoken issues and brings solutions. Sand play is for everyone. Children love it and adults marvel at it.

Hypno Healing

1.5 hours $150
Hypno healing includes regular hypnotherapy, along with some Reiki healing. A consultation to determine what is going on and what you would like to be different. Sally will take you into a hypnotic trance (a daydream state) Suggestions will be made which will help change some thought patterns. The Healing will support your body as your mind goes through its re wiring process.
Hypno healing is great for Emotional stress, anxiety and most habits that no longer serve you.

Stress 2 Go massage


30 mins $ 40
This Fully Clothed Seated Acupressure massage, the arms hands, back & neck are all massaged using the exclusive sequence which leaves you feeling both relaxed and stimulated at the same time.


Reiki Healing

1 hour $85
A Reiki treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and wellbeing.

Happy Soul Coaching

Meet and greet 45 minutes $50
This initial session will help determine your happy soul’s potential and determine how long you need motivating to achieve your goals, depending on the recourses you have and your commitment to change Further Sessions will include homework and NLP and are done via phone Skype or face time from $40 for 30 minutes  session as required.

NEWS August 2019
Now taking bookings for Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy. For more information click on the horse bottom left of the home page.