About Sally

Sally came to Australia on a working holiday, fate helped to gain her residency & citizenship. After ten years of living & loving Australia, she did not expect to find herself back in the UK.

The new start turned out to be a life changing mission for Sally as she was drawn to learn about personal & spiritual development.

After 20 years of personal experiences & reading self help books, attending workshops and courses Sally is now a big believer that if you want something, only you have the power to go and get it. Be it a new career, more money, better health, & happiness.

Sally is very conscious of what stress can do to the physical body, thanks to personal experience from years of shift work and putting others first. Sally spent a lot of time researching stress & what it can do on the physical body. Consequently she started her business 2007 as a stress management consultant.

To complement her stress management business, Sally decided it was appropriate to become a counsellor. Huge challenge with 2 children, less than 4 years of age, limited time, and a limited family budget. During this time, for a week, a local charity was a blessing to help feed her children and put them in nappies. Sally realized this terrible experience was the crisis point to motivate her to turn her life around.

Sally set herself a new goal that many did not believe she would achieve, find a part time job and to study twice as hard so she would become qualified before she turned 40. Sally’s diploma arrived 3 days before that mile stone birthday. The whole personal experience helped sally realise that there is a gap in the market for ‘The Average Joe’ who struggles financially to make ends meet. They too have a need, more than anyone to be inspired & motivated to change their life around.

Very motivated, from personal experience Sally wrote her first course, "Re-direct Your Life." She set about to get some participants. Sally inspired the local TV station to run a segment on the evening news…her husband was so proud of her, he was in tears. Believe it or not it aired on His 40th Birthday in 2007.

The participants said they felt inspired and much more confident. Sally was also on a Centrelink payment but she was so passionate about making a difference she volunteered her time and was very grateful to her friends who volunteered a service at the local community centre.

Sally has since obtained more qualifications which assist her treat her clients more effectively.

Spiritually, as a child sally was always interested in the spooky things about life, she always wanted to know about ghost stories & the unknown ,she also had a sense of just of knowing things.

If requested Sally is able to use her gift of Natural clairvoyance and medium ship & believes spirit use her to gently kick her clients up the bum when they lose direction.

Sally has seen clients from all over Australia & around the world.

To summarize sally has the natural gift of helping inspire educate and motivate© so people from all walks of life can help find clarity & inspiration to love the life they live.

You're the consummate presenter....natural, articulate, knowledgeable, warm, and engaging!
Jan B

I think sally is a truly gifted ,inspirational person, she has helped me to transform my life around 360degrees!! 

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