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Find more balance in your life

Sally’s passion for stress management, begin in the UK where due to a number of life choices including working irregular hours she became very ill with chronic fatigue syndrome. Sally just did not have the vibrant energy she usually had. Sally learned much about the illness with symptoms similar to those of burnout; she learnt a lot about stress management and about how to gain a sense of balance. After a few months she was well enough to work full time again, in a different position.

Sally now practices what she preaches and is very passionate in teaching & helping others to prevent stress levels from escalating out Of control.

Please contact Sally, for a consultation to assist you find more balance and harmony in your life.

Over the past 13 years Sally has been a stress buster providing onsite massage and stress management tips for people in the workplace. The service has been used on the Sunshine Coast since 2003 by small businesses through to larger government run agencies. In 2009, due to demand for her training and individual consultations, Sally realized that she no longer wishes to provide this service and now refers clients to other massage practitioners.

If you are looking for a practitioner please contact Sally who will be happy to refer you to someone locally.

You're the consummate presenter....natural, articulate, knowledgeable, warm, and engaging!
Jan B
I think sally is a truly gifted ,inspirational person, she has helped me to transform my life around 360degrees!! 

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