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Full Day Workshop

This full day workshop gives participants the opportunity to not just connect with nature, trees and several of our 4-legged friends, but it also offers experimental and psycho educational learnings.

These learnings can potentially be life changing, if they are used regularly away from the workshop as they assist to build awareness, improve and implement better self-care and help with resilience building.

 During the workshop the participants will:

  • Learn skills and knowledge to re connect with nature in their own environment- even if they are city dwellers
  • Learn simple ways to reconnect with nature, a way to resource the self naturally
  • Offered the opportunity to work with a small problem and they will be encouraged to find their own solutions using a calm grounded approach.
  • Realize it is not always necessary to spend lots of money on self-care (apart from attending the workshop) and understand the reasonings why you wouldn’t, when you know how to re ground, de-escalate and find calm in nature?
  • The workshop is for anyone between 6 and 90(children with an adult)

Prevention is better than a cure’- Desiderius Erasmus

 When- see home page with dates of upcoming workshops or follow re connect with nature FB page
Timing 1.30am to 2.30pm
 Cost for full day workshop $150 Adults and $80 children (6-14 years of age)
and includes a healthy morning tea and lunch.


Prevention is better than a cure’- Desiderius ErasmusNEWS

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