Sally is a Personal Development Facilitator. She writes her own programmes and they are used by Agencies on the Sunshine coast.

Redirect your life programme 2007

Learn to get inspired, improve self esteem and confidence, get motivated to make dreams a reality, regain control of their life, increase their overall happiness, get out their everyday comfort zone and help participants to have more fun in their life.

Healthy Relationships 4 U 2008

Learn the importance of healthy relationships by discovering how to feel more positive about the relationship they have with themselves and their standing within their network of friends, family and the local community. The programme offers the opportunity to explore relationships in a supportive confidential yet encouraging and light hearted way. The programme covers personal health & well-being, communication, respect, spiritual health, mental health, self care and includes talks and demonstrations from specialists such as yoga instruction, make up, meditation, relaxation and massage.

Stress 2 Go 2005

(1 day workshop or programme over 4 weeks)

Participants learn to understand the importance of what stress is and How to recognize and understand personal stress levels. Participants will learn techniques that will assist them to be better prepared to tackle the stresses of everyday life.

Good Stress management is a life skill.

Price will range depending on programme location, recourses provides and number of participants Average between $40- $75 per hour.

You're the consummate presenter....natural, articulate, knowledgeable, warm, and engaging!
Jan B

I think sally is a truly gifted ,inspirational person, she has helped me to transform my life around 360degrees!! 

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