Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning
What is EAP?

Equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP) is a form of experimental therapy that involves interaction between clients and horses.
Sally will observe and interact with the client in order to identify behavior patterns and process thoughts and emotions. This process helps the clients learn about themselves and others, while processing or discussing the client's feelings, behaviors, and patterns. Sally, as a Qualified counselor, can deepen the experience and support the client on a deeper level, which is the Psychotherapy component.

Please note Sally will only work with clients on a one on one basis for EAP.

What is EAP?

Sally will co facilitate a group with another facilitator or helper. Sally will facilitate the Learning and psych education while the other facilitator will manage the horses.

Each session includes: Learning to be mindful in nature - great to build personal awareness and resilience in times of stress.

  • Team building - offers several activities with the horses to build team morale, improve relationships and help overcome potential future challenges. Can be tailored to meet your organisation/business needs.
  • Building Confidence - This session will be tailored to the client and their needs.

It is advised that clients and groups have a series of sessions to build on the psycho - education, but programs can be tailored to suit.

EAL is beneficial for everybody due to horses' judgement-free and clear responses. Children and adolescents that are struggling socially or emotionally, and need a confidence boost, can benefit from experiential learning with horses.

What does it involve?
After a check in and safety talk the session may include several offers for the client to interact with the horse/s. These may include observing the herd, being mindful with the horses, meeting, grooming and ground exercises such haltering, touching, leading, boundary experiments and making obstacles and inviting the horses to walk through them.
The benefits to the client are:  

  • Ability to work with beautiful, magical horses, in the fresh air and in nature.
  •  Ability to say things to a horse that they possibly could not say to humans - in a safe way.
  • Ability to touch the horse and the horse can touch the client, with mutual respect.
  • Ability to develop a sense of trust through interaction with the horse and with nature.
  • Ability to explore boundaries and develop a sense of safety.
  • Ability to experience and learn new things. For example: problem solving, flexibility, independence, confidence, communication, assertive skills, boundaries.
  • Ability to discover more self-awareness.

Generally, the goal is to help the client in social, emotional, cognitive, or behavioral ways.

  • The Horse Wisdom Program is the signature program of the Equine Psychotherapy Institute and can be completed as a series of 6 workshops or ADHOC as required by clients.
  • awareness,
  • boundaries,
  • thinking,
  • feeling,
  • relationships
  • and facing life’s challenges
Who can benefit from Equine Assisted Therapy or Learning?

EAP is a great way to develop self-awareness and approach day to day activities and challenges.
EAP has good success rates with:
Building self-kindness.
Mood disorders.
Learning difficulties.
Eating disorders.
Mood Disorders.

Why did Sally train in Equine Assisted Therapy?

Sally has always loved horses. When she was 8 years old her family welcomed their first pony Sylvyn who stayed with the family until she died at the very old age of 34 years.

Ten years ago, Sally had the opportunity to take a group of young people to equine therapy once a week. Over the course of a month Sally noticed some positive changes in the young people who were from a trauma background. As a Qualified counselor Sally was really intrigued on how the young people responded to this type of therapy.

In April 2019 Sally seized the opportunity to create her own business. Late July 2019 Sally became an Equine Assisted Psychotherapist and currently offers Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy in Gympie, Noosa and Pomona.

Please Note:

There is a maximum of 6 participants for the safety of the clients and the horses.
There are a number of forms that will need to be completed and received 36 hours before the session. It is important Sally’s cancellation policy is read and understood. Forms include:

  • Client profile forms
  • Agreement to participate form
  • Insurance and professional conduct forms


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